Management Consulting

The boutique design of Palmer Consulting enables an intimate understanding of your business challenges, as well as the challenges to implement your plans.

We will work with you to identify challenges and take an evidence based approach to finding solutions which will ultimately make more money for your organization.

Our engagement does not end with just a fancy report for your shelf (although our reports are fancy) we will stay to help apply the plan and allow you to realize the benefits of your planning.

Connect with us for a Free Discovery Session to determine if we can get you some time back!

Short Term Project Engagement

Palmer Consulting can also help with short term projects.

If you have specific short term needs such as;

•need an employee incentive plan
•sales incentive strategy for your entire staff, not just your sales staff
•business growth and expansion planning
•business planning
•IT Planning and implementation
•identify new customers
•accountability planning
•acquisition advice

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About Chris Palmer

I am a Business Owner, just like you.
I have struggled to have the bank be as supportive as their TV commercials say they are!
I have stayed up late trying to figure out how to make payroll. I have expanded my business and been very profitable.
I have "fired" customers.
I have had Business Partners.
I have been a sole owner of a Business.
I have the same values as you. I have the same number of hours in a day that you have.
I do not have the day to day operational pressures to run your business, I can step back from your business, be objective, find the evidence and help you create a "non-urgent" solution to your business challenges.
I can leverage the resources needed to achieve any timeline.

Palmer Media

Palmer Media is a division of Palmer Consulting.
We will help you identify a picture of your customers, find ways to create meaningful relationships with them and negotiate competitive advertising rates in media channels.

If you don't know who your customers are and don't tell them why they should be your customer....should you be surprised by the results?
We can help you focus yor efforts, both online and offline, create a plan and also manage the plan to get results!
We utilize Social Media, New Media and Traditional Media to reach your customer and make more money for your organization.
Please, contact Chris for a Free Discovery Session.